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There is one thing everyone can agree on. That is – beauty can bring joy. And joy is the best makeup. In the heart of technological advancement and modernity of 21st Century, very few conventional items have been able to retain its golden face. Magazine is one of them. This is because Magazines render joy and array of information amid its exclusive pictorial and graphical presentation. And this credit goes largely on the works of Magazine Design or Makeover. Money sounds a bit commercial in the world of beauty but it is a surviving factor for a beautiful yield – no one can argue today!

Magazines are an excellent storehouse for ideas. They have a lot to give. People tend to pick a magazine whenever they have time, or just stop for a moment to eye the eye-catchy Magazine covers hanging over Magazine stands because they get all they want in a compact size. My focus is not to the history and evolution, neither the significance to the greater society. I’m going to impart some insights on Magazine design (layout/page makeup) and its importance to hoist up the magazine publishing industry.

In the present day world, the popularity of Magazine is unlocked by overall exposure i.e. the design, graphics and pictorial representation, the texture and typography. Magazines have always been aware of putting the optimal and mind-blowing graphics design. Think of seminal Magazines like The Face, Rolling Stone, Playboy, Nova and Cosmopolitan. They are at their heydays because on the pages of these publications, design was at least as important as the words.

Today in the advent of internet and World Wide Web (www) magazine design is the real craftsman to pull off a magazine business. Newspapers are morphing into more magazine-like with high-quality graphics design and desktop publishing. There is no reason to think of Magazines are heading towards a dead media. Despite the huge growth in web-based publishing, not to mention blogging, the independent magazine sector is stronger than ever. Popular printed magazines are making money along with online magazines often called as Ezine, cyberzine and hyperzine.

Thus Magazines (web/print) are smashing in the Publishing industry. People in the mad rush of corporate culture and hectic lives, find little time to read large ordinary styled books. Publishers, thereby have to hire pro designers to turn their magazines a chic and tempting piece. Magazine layout design, cover design, page makeup and advertisement (ad) design become the driving force for accentuating greater audience. This ultimately enhances the conversion rate in the niche. A recent study has shown that Magazines generate 63 percent of their revenue from advertising. So ad design must have become the essence of magazine design.

“Money is a headache, and money is the cure”.

~Everett Mámor

It is the nature of human being to respond against any beautiful piece. I’m recalling the popular saying that a picture is worth a thousand words. Cool and mesmerizing magazine design has the capacity to make a market more vibrant and profitable. So chill your marrow by optimally published magazine design. Here beauty meets the money – make a sense.

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Cover is the first thing that creates the initial impulse to pick a magazine from a magazine rack or stand. The good cover-design considers the taste of human eye and the stand or holder structure as well, to get a stand-out look in the crowd. So, customized design for magazine stands is not a less important thing to increase visitor.

Magazine Stands: A specialist cover designer must have comprehensive idea about the rack structure and how magazines are arranged there. There are various kinds of magazine holder, rack and stand designed to fit for different places. Wall Mounted, Floor standing units or Countertop holders, Display rack, Folding Rack, Rotating Display Rack, Revolving Rack, Portable Display, Upscale Rack, Single or Multi Pocket Rack are some very common magazine displayer we find around us. Magazine holders and magazine stands, are a must have for libraries, common rooms, lounges, and book stores, waiting rooms, laundry zone, station, and doctor chambers. Professionally designed stands and holders are planned to display, organize, and store magazines with a high visibility.

About Cover Design: Actually this article does not intend to talk about the aesthetics of such design. Most of the graphic designer, working in reputed houses, is very smart, innovative and qualified for modern popular design. Their designs are really stunning and wonder me with creative and communicative look. Here, I just want to talk about some technical problems in design that create some adversities in display. I frequently find many magazines are struggling in holders or stands, in spite of having marvelous view. The main story or magnetic point gets covered by the neighboring one. Or very important something, placed in the bottom, is lost behind the holder frame. And on the odd occasion, the nameplate also suffers from non-visibility in a rack.

It is safe to place your most salable and attractive matters (text, graphics or image) away from borderlines, specially far away from the bottom edge. The composition should lean towards center. Don’t thing that I am speaking for gathering all things right in the center.

To be safe, you can draw a circle or rectangle 1 inch inside from every edge before starting the design. Arrange your composition, specially key matters, inside it as far as possible. It is not an absolute solution but you can take it as a rule of thumb for practical ground. Such little adjustments in design guarantee your maximum exposure. If you have a large nameplate, try to place your brand color or logo in a more visible place. Experienced designer knows, how blood thirsty the competition is, in a magazine stand. Every microscopic enhancement powers your magazine to run better in the race. And all such effort together, can make it winner. So, don’t ignore such little things; they can turn the game.

Another important thing is color. Use vivid colors. It is very important to draw the earliest attention which is the most important advantage of a cover. Don’t incline only to delicate detail in a cover. Surely you will be lost. No one going to give look more than one 1 or 2 second over your cover. Your design must be informative and handy to convince a glance. So, a successful designer first find out the best way of magnetism and brevity. Red, black, white, blue work best as a base color with other supportive colors. In illustration, text, color and contrast contribute to more visibility.

Finally, I suggest finding out a standard format that fits to all kinds of magazine stand, rack or holder. It is very important to keep your magazine one step ahead from others. Of course, well customized magazine cover design helps your marketing and increase your reader as well.

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